Cha Ching: Invisible Money Reaction Paper

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Cha Ching: Invisible Money (Reaction) Using credit card can be very exciting; swipe here, swipe there. Getting all what we needed to buy in just one blink of an eye. A credit card can make it easier to buy on impulse, and unfortunately some people do not take the time to consider the costs associated with buying on credit. They often do transact without being aware of all of the costs. A lot of credit cards out there come with hidden costs and charges, and you, even me, all of us should always be aware of these. In many cases, these fees and charges won't get noticed by users until…………….IT’S TOO LATE. Just like the video presented, Cha Ching: Invisible Money, the use of credit cards turn out to be a big trouble for them. It is because; they have overlooked the invisible charges created by their online/ credit card transaction payment. They end up on thorough working just to pay the invisible charges, preventing the bills to go higher and higher. They are not aware that it is the possible outcome of buying via electronic payments. They just realize how bad it is to do so when the billing statement arrives. In some ways, credit cards can be beneficial for individuals who understand and practice the basics of responsible use of credit. It’s just that some people, who don't use credit cards wisely, will find themselves deeply in debt very quickly. Everyone who uses credit needs to understand how to use it in an intelligent manner, preventing insolvency at all. If you’re a credit card user, be careful not to over spoil yourself with credit and be responsible to use it only if you are confident you can pay it. Otherwise, it's much better not to get any credit. You would also need to be on your guard when dealing with credit. Think about if an emergency happens that cause you to pay extra than what is originally planned. Sometimes you may save up enough already but

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