Ch.6,7,8 Topic And Thesis For Ap World History Essay

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Ch.6, 7, and 8 Topic: In the 7th century C.E. the Arab followers of Muhammad surged from the Arabian Peninsula to produce the 1st worldwide culture. They quickly conquered an empire incorporating components of the classical civilizations of Greece, Egypt, and Persia. Thesis: Near the 9th century Abbasid power had went down before the development of regional states and the penetration of non-Muslim people. The Turks changed to Islam and became a better component of the Muslim world. The Arabs had made a foundation for the first global civilization, incorporating a lot of linguistic and ethnic groups into one culture. They made Islam, one of the great worldwide religions. Religion and political relation initially had been brought together, but the Umayyad and Abbasids used religious legitimacy to regulate their large empires. In both religion and politics they absorbed common law from earlier civilizations. Muslims did the same in the arts and sciences, later making their own innovative thinking that influenced other societies in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Clan Identity, Clan Rivalries, and the Cycle of Vengeance. Mobile kin-related clans were the basis of social organization. The clans clustered into larger tribal units that functioned only during crises. In the harsh environment, individual survival depended upon clan loyalty. Wealth and status varied within clans. Leaders, or shaykhs, although elected by councils, usually were wealthy men. Free warriors enforced their decisions. Slave families served the leaders or the clan as a whole. Clan cohesion was reinforced by inter-clan rivalry and by conflicts over water and pasturage. The resulting enmity might inaugurate feuds enduring for centuries. The strife weakened Bedouin society against its

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