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32.1 Introduction soup kitchen - place where free food is served to the needy breadline - People waiting for free food during the Great Depression black blizzard - Caused by sustained drought conditions during the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression; compounded by years of poor land management practices. Dust Bowl - Region of the Great Plains that experienced a drought in 1930 lasting for a decade, leaving many farmers without work or substantial wages. 32.2 A country in economic distress The Grapes of Wrath - The story follows the fortunes of a poor family as they travel from the Dust Bowl region to California. based on the great depression written by John Steinbeck Okies - farmers, who in the Great Depression, were forced to move, many moved from Oklahoma to California 32.3 Ill housed Ill clad Ill Nourished Great Flood of 1936 - In 1936, a series of heavy storms pounded the Northeast. The rain combined with heavy melting snow, caused rivers to spill over their banks inundated cites, towns, farms, and mines. living wage - a wage that enables workers to support a decent life for themselves and their families 32.4 Natural Disasters intensify the suffering property value - The estimated monetary value of property foreclosure - a legal proceeding in which the creditor either sells or repossesses property for failure to repay a debt 32.5 Cropping with Hard Times eviction - to recover real estate or homes by legal process; to force out or remove from property malnutrition - poor health due to a lack of eating the right kinds of food and often causes sickness desertification - in areas with dry climates, a process caused by a combination of poor farming practices, overgrazing, and drought that turns productive land into desert depopulation - Reduction in the number of people in an area public assistance -

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