Ch 3 Incident 1 Essay

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Chapter 3 Incident 1 1. From a legal viewpoint, what do you believe LaConya can do regarding this situation? Discuss. 2. What actions should LaConya have taken in the past to avoid her current predicament? 3. What might occur if LaConya begins to evaluate Les in the manner she should likely have been doing all along? 1. LaConya needs to re-evaluate Les Partain. It is unethical to follow what others are saying that he is not doing too much on the job. She should follow the proper procedure of speaking to him. However, Les Partain is also protected from the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, which protects workers 40 and older against discrimination. 2. LaConya should’ve of enforced the ethical culture. Employees are ease to speak up about their concerns, which in this case Les Partain was not performing to his best abilities, without fear of retaliation. LaConya also should have not given Les Partain the performance appraisal without the proper evidence to support it. Especially give false statements to an employee to make them feel good when they about to retire. LaConya should have asked what his thoughts were once he turned 65. LaConya should have evaluated him at all times so she can be aware of herself how his work is doing in the organization, because she might of want to keep him in the organization for his experience, and train someone else to replace him once he retires. 3. If LaConya begins to evaluate Les, and she realizes that everyone else was wrong, she will eventually keep him in the organization for the next five years. Les Partain could help for the organization enhanced with his new ideas, and can create great productivity and services, and profits. Unless, Les Partain proves otherwise what his works shows, then LaConya has to take the proper procedures to either demote him, or fire him. His work will be the

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