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Ch.1 “A Meeting of Three Worlds” Notes * Earliest Americans approx. arrival 13,000 late in Ice Age from Siberia. * Also possible groups from southeast Asia via Polynesia ~20,000 yrs ago * Incas centered in present day Peru and Bolivia expanded in Andes Mtns 15th cent. * Royal family surrounded by aristocrats * Men grew crops/built roads & canals, Women wove cloth * Aztecs of Mexico, 15-20 million ppl * Tenochtitlan = capital, well known for achievements in irrigation, metallurgy, city-building * ~5 million ppl lived north of Mexico, 375 dialects * Society based on fishing, hunting, gathering wild plant foods. * Women performed main tasks of raising/preparing food * Eastern Woodland Indians lived in family based socieites w/ little organized hierarchy * Absence of personal property ensured roughly equal dist. of wealth * Many groups were matrilineal (identity/status descended from mother to child). Women enjoyed degree of power * North American tribes weren’t static; moved a lot * Iriquois tribe: Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Onondaga, Seneca * Led by Hernan Cortez, Spanish expedition set out in 1518 to conquer Mexico * Conquistadors followed. Did so “for King, God, Gold” * Pursuit of territory also brought with it hope to convert indigenous peoples to Catholicsm. * Search for wealth first drew Europeans to make contact w/ Africans * Exports: gold, ivory, cotton goods, leather, spices, slaves * Ferdinand & Isabella allowed Columbus to explore to extend westward strong military * Portugal & Spain sign Treaty of Tordesillas (1493) – splits entire world between them * Portugal conquers Brazil, Spain conquers Carribeans (Land on Hispaniola) * Vasco Nunez de Balboa is first Euro to see Pacific Ocean * Hernan Cortez overthrows

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