Cgmt410 Week 2 Individual Two Day Training Session Essay

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Two Day Training Session CMGT 410 Two Day Training Session MEMORANDUM Date: November 26, 2012 Subject: Two Day Training Session To: Riordan Manufacturing Staff From: Management Introduction We appreciate the staff of Riordan Manufacturing taking the time to learn our new Human Resources system, Quicksilver. This system is much more robust than our last system we had, and therefore, we will need to bring our users up to speed on its current functions. Each step of the training session, including the preparation, is spelled out within the Microsoft Project file. This memo will properly explain each step along the way. Preparation The initial planning of the meeting will take some extra preparation. We will spend a couple of days obtaining all the necessary information on the training staff that will be necessary for the two training days. Our Human Resources department will provide the list. In addition, in preparation for the event, we need to look at which facilities are available for our company to use. Narrow down the possibilities as quickly as possible, having one location for the accommodations and training room would be ideal. The Beverly Heritage Hotel has helped us before and it will be convenient to reach out to them again and see if they have any openings. Our IT department will begin a list of necessary hardware that will be needed for this training session, during this period. Training Staff After obtaining the list of all trainers available for the training session, it would be wise to categorize trainers by experience. If you are requiring recommendations, speak to the trainer’s and managers for assistance. They have been notified and they are standing by in the event that you may need them. Appoint the trainers to the individual session as their experience allows. Once this has been categorized, notify the

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