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Parenting and Caring Response Community and Family Studies Explain how the age of the dependants affects a parents management of resources. (6 marks) A dependant is a person who relies on another person for support to help meet their needs, such as a child who relies on their parents. The age of the parent effects the level of development. The child may require more attention to meet their needs, so the parent of carer may need to give up more time and energy to care for them. When this happens this could make it hard for parents to manage their resources effectively. The parents may find it challenging to balance their personal life with their responsibilities. Young children do require more time, energy and housing. Time in a parents life is very precious as there are many things that need to be done throughout the day. For example how they can manage time effectively with other resources. In the case of a parent who has children they may work 5 days a week and as a result of this they may only have a little bit of time to care for their child so money may need to be spent on formal child care. Energy in a parents life is very tiring. For a sole parent they might find themselves physically exhausted by trying to meet the needs of their child including transport, cooking, cleaning and doing the washing and ironing and all the other house hold maintenance. Housing plays a big part in a parents life with a young child because they need to think about what kind of house they are going to have, big or small, two levels or one level and whether they are going to live near extended family and friends( help look after the children if parents need to go to work), near the local school, transport and parks for the children to play in. If the parents are stay home mums they might like to consider a mothers group that may be around their area so that they don't have

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