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Compare and contrast Cézanne’s Bathers (Plate 1.3.4) with Correggio’s Leda with the Swan (Plate 1.3.8)

When I look at Cézanne’s Bathers and Correggio’s Leda with the Swan one of the first things that hits me is the delineation, which is ‘the representation of shapes and means by drawing’ (Harrison, 2008. P64)
Correggio’s painting shows much more detail then Cézanne’s and can be seen by looking at how the figures are painted. Correggio shows the facial expression on each character along with life like bodies as shown in their nudity, which is something Cézanne’s painting shows, as apart from the outline of the person being visible the only real detail given to the Bathers is on their breasts.

Looking at Correggio’s painting you can get the feeling of actually being there at the same time as Leda, such is the delineation of the picture. By looking at its picture plane you can imagine the woodland setting carrying on outside the frame with the swan flying off into the distance. Cézanne however set out to capture a moment in time as his painting looks like something you can admire pleasantly.

Both paintings capture modelling well and it’s clear that aspects of being three dimensional are on both paintings with Cézanne giving attention to it on his bathers only. Whilst Correggio pays attention to it on his whole painting from the figures, tree and scenery in the background.
In my opinion Correggio uses the art of light to help his modelling. It appears to come from the right of the painting and brightens up this side more than the left as shown in the shading on the figures but also captured in the aspects of the sky where you can see the right side looking brighter then the cloudy left side.
Cézanne also captures light but he appears to capture this with use of colours which appear light and pleasant to the eyes. Yes he uses some dark colours, like dark
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