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Cervical Cancer Essay

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Key statistics!
Key statistics!
CerviCal cancer!
CerviCal cancer!

  * About 12,340 new cases of invasive of cervical cancer will be diagnosed.
  * About 4,030 women will die from cervical cancer.
  * what is hpv?
what is hpv?
Some researchers estimate that non-invasive cervical cancer occurs about 4 times more often about cervical cancer.  

  * HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus.
  * HPV is a virus form the Papillomavirus family that affects human skin and the moist membranes that lines the body such as:
  * Throat, mouth, feet, fingers, nails, anus and cervix.
  * There are over 100 types, of which 40 can affect the genital areas. Most known HPV types cause no symptoms to humans.
  * Some however can cause verrucae’s/warts, while a small number can increase the risk of developing the several cancers, such as that of the cervix, penis, vagina, anus and oropharynx (oral part of the pharynx – throat cancer)  

  * How can HPV lead to cervical cancer?
How can HPV lead to cervical cancer?
HPV is spread by sex, and it can cause infection in the cervix which can lead to cervical cancer.
  * The infection doesn’t last very long because it is able to fight the infection.  
  * If the HPV doesn’t go away, the virus might cause the cervix cells to change and become pre-cancer cells.
  * Pre-cancer cells are not cancer. Most cells with early pre-cancer changes return to normal on their own.  
  * Very few HPV infections lead to cancer.
Very few HPV infections lead to cancer.
Sometimes, the pre-cancer may turn into cancer if they are not found and treated.              

  * Because HPV is so common, any woman who has ever had sex can get cervix cancer. But, most women how have had sex do not get cervical cancer.
  * Women who have their pap tests as often as they should are least likely to get cervix cancer.
  * Some women have greater chance of...

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