Cervical Cancer Essay

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Name Institution Date Cervical cancer Man has always struggled to survive against a myriad of worldly challenges and because of that, technological advancement has become part and parcel of man’s daily living. What one is left to wonder is why the very man should suffer more despite the much invested effort in scientific discoveries. Among the many upcoming obstacles to man survival is the imminent chronic disease; cervical cancer. Man has sought to discover more about the disease as a result a lot of publications have been made that concerns cervical cancer. This paper critically examines cervical cancer as a threat to human generations with respect to Rattue’s website article. Cervical cancer is term used to refer to malignant growths which arise in the cells in the cervix uterus. It is characterized by virginal bleeding at advanced stages. In recently published article dated 11/29/20211 by British health foundation. Cervical cancer treatment by use of a vaccine called human papillomavirus is discussed in length. The latest Cervical Cancer News & HPV Vaccine News articles published daily .In this article the government plans to switch a new dimension in its effort to eradicate cervical cancer is treated as a key issue. In this respect the cervix vaccine seems redundant for cancer treatment. The Gardasil vaccine is preferred. Further more readers are encouraged to consider cancer screening so that they are able to ascertain their status as far as cervical cancer is concerned. In this article the author elaborates more on other cancer vaccine most of which are credited by various medics to be the advanced appropriate cervical cancer remedies. They include; massive HPV vaccines, Rubella vaccines and hyperthermia HPV vaccine. There is needed more research on cancer treatment and young girls and women are encouraged to go for cancer treatment. The article

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