Cervical Cancer Essay

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Cervical Cancer Essay Cervical cancer is a tumour of the cervix. The cervix is found in the lower region of the uterus which projects into the vagina. This region is made up of a special type of muscle that is covered by a thin layer of surface cells. The cancer therefore develops in these surface cells, which grow into precancerous cells. Over time, these cells turn into cancer cells, which spread into the muscle of the cervix, surrounding tissue and then to other parts of the body. These precancerous cells develop after an infection of the cervix by a sexually transmitted virus called human papilloma virus 16 and 18. The cancer is commonly diagnosed in women and can be prevented by detecting the precancerous cells in a pap smear. Getting a cervical cancer vaccination can also prevent it, however the vaccination is only effective if the person isn’t HPV positive. Using condoms during sexual activity can also prevent the cancer from developing. In developing countries, one of the major causes of cancer deaths in women is cervical cancer. The reason for this is that ever since a young age, adolescent girls and women do not have financial aid nor does the country have proper infrastructure. Doctors in these rural areas struggle to store the cervical cancer prevention vaccinations, as they neither have the materials they require. The vaccinations have to be kept in cool temperatures (fridge); otherwise it expires and is no longer effective. However, most women and girls are not even able to afford getting such a vaccination as it is simply too expensive. Therefore, the number of cases increases. Another problem faced by the doctors, are the fact that most women aren’t financially aided, which causes them to not be able to afford getting a pap smear done yearly. Doctors in rural areas though, are unlikely to have the right equipment for such a pap smear. In other
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