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Every year in the U.S. over 392,000 people die from tobacco-caused disease, making it the leading cause of preventable death. Another 50,000 people die from exposure to secondhand smoke. The Facts Asthma Know your rescue inhaler from your daily maintenance inhaler Seek emergency help if you don’t receive relief after TWO puffs or if you need to use your RESCUE inhaler more than every FOUR hours Make sure you use a spacer with your inhaler so that the medicine enters your lungs not your mouth and tongue Using your inhaler Asthma is a lung disease that inflames and narrows your airway (windpipe) Asthma affects people of all ages, but most often starts in early childhood In the U.S. 26 million people have asthma 6 million are children When the airway reacts The muscles around the airway tighten and less air goes to your lung. You also create more mucus, which further reduces air into your lungs How to manage your asthma What is Asthma C American Lung Association www.lungusa.org Asthma Control Test www.asthmacontroltest.com Quit Works www.Southcoast.org To take a peak flow reading you should: * Check that the pointer is at zero. * Preferably stand or sit in a comfortable, upright position. * Hold the peak flow meter level (horizontally) and keep your fingers away from the pointer. * Take a deep breath and close your lips firmly around the mouthpiece. * Then blow as hard as you can - as if you were blowing out candles on a birthday cake - remember it is the speed of your blow that is being measured. * Look at the pointer and check your reading. * Reset the pointer back to zero. Do this three times and record the highest reading in your daily asthma diary. Asthma resources 1. In the past 4 weeks, how much of the time did your asthma keep you from getting as much done at work or at

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