Certainly, travel is more than seeing of sight, it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living

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A person who has never traveled in a life is like a frog in the pound. A frog might imagine as if he is living in a ocean. Traveling broaden the people mind and more than seeing of sights from the ancient time. People travel across continent by ships and risk their lives to natural disasters in search of the new thing. It can change the ideas of living to the traveler and makes a traveler think deeply to understand other people culture, and ways of living. Therefore travel is a change that goes on, deep and permanent in the ideas of living. It is universally acknowledged that a man in a good fortune must be in want of travel for sights seeing. In contrast, it is more than seeing sights. By traveling, it gives chance people to communicate with other people from different cultural backgrounds and exchange the customs. It unites the world and narrows down the difference economic status among nations. Since ancient time, the travelers were not pleasure seeker. Marcopolo traveled to the India, China and Mongolia and brought back the Indian spices and silk from eastern counties which could not be found in Europe at that time. Because of Columbus, the new continent, America, was found by virtue of traveling. Now it is one of the biggest nation on the world and have strong influence in terms of political, economic and social changes.. Travel can exchange the idea of living. Due to difference in geographical locations, people have different customs and traditions. The traveler could adopt the traditions of the visited places if he believes those are better way. If there is no traveling, how could people taste the different cultures and understand other people. Traveling can narrow the economic and social status between developed and developing nations. In some countries, the tourism is their main income. Seeing the sights is one of the reasons for traveling, but it is not
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