Certain Experiences Mark the Beginning of Maturity Essay

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Maturity- a psychological term used to indicate that a person responds to the circumstances or environment in an appropriate and adaptive manner. Certain experiences mark the beginning of maturity in a person by growing them and helping them learn from their mistakes. Being mature isn't determined by how introverted or extroverted a person is or by how they have fun but by the knowledge they've gained throughout life to make responsible decisions. For instance, a child is not born knowing how to make life decisions and know how to be responsible but as they grow and learn, they make mistakes that every human being has made, and learns from those mistakes, turning them into important circumstances in their life, in which they will gain knowledge and the ability to forgive themselves and try again. That person has learned the road in which they should not go down and they teach others how to not make those mistakes, which is recognized as the beginning of knowledge, which will soon lead to maturity. Responsibility, which plays another huge role in growing maturely, is known as a particular burden of obligation upon one who is responsible. To grow in being responsible will lead a person straight down the path of being mature. Responsibility is taught by one's self and will only grow if pursued eagerly by that person. For example, responsibility is required in order to graduate by being loyal to your work ethic and effort. But if a person has no motivation to handle commitment or to pursue effort then the virtue of responsibility will not grow in them and they will not be able to succeed and grow maturely. Therefore, the slack of that person will become a habit and they will have a hard time growing in responsibility and maturity later in life. In conclusion, there are two important matters which make up maturity: knowledge and self-pursued responsibility. When
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