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Unit 5What we covered - Cognitivism Cognitivism focuses on “how we learn”. Main theorists are Gestalt, Piaget, Dewey, Vygotsky, Bruner and Kolb. Gestalt founded the theory of cognitivism by studying how the mind processed information and how it tries to make sense out of the world. It identifies how the mind makes patterns visually. Piaget continued with Gestalt theories but specialised in children which can make his research too specific and nowadays some criticise it being out of date and his 4 stages of development being too rigid and actually hindering development. Atherton criticised Piaget’s development model about developing first and then learning. Piaget believed you assimilated with familiar information and accommodated with new concepts. This presumes that when people accommodate they do not have any experience which in my teaching would be very unusual as all learners come with some experience as they have all been in education. However, when I am teaching a new subject I will make reference to previous learning and therefore assimilate. Bruner disagreed with Piaget and was concerned that it could hold back children, he said the stages are not finished with when they move on. He stated that children learn best when they could find out for themselves and in the meantime teachers should put support in place until they could do so. I use this scaffolding in my practical lessons for example; if a learner is struggling to remember a way of setting hair ,I will show them firstly on a one to one mini demonstration how by breaking in down into more manageable areas front of the head ,middle section and lastly the back area of the head thus the task is more manageable for them to achieve and providing a visual aid which can be used as a prompt until the learner can perform the task independently. The next stage for them would be to try to achieve this

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