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Physics: One World Essay CERN: the Large Hadron Collider The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which is considered to be one of the largest centers for scientific research in fundamental physics, intends to learn more about the Laws of Nature by studying the basic constituents of matter. With its main laboratory located astride the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, the organization is run by 20 European Member states and 6 Observer states2. The association not only uses the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments for experimentation but also is the origin of many significant inventions4. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), located one hundred meters beneath the Franco-Swiss Border, is the most ambitious and powerful particle accelerator ever built. The LHC is a circular machine with a round ring of 27 km that operates on a temperature colder than outer space (-217° C) and produces the most intense beams of colliding particles. The creation of LHC is considered to be a major scientific approach made by the scientists at CERN in order to resolve four key questions: what is the origin of mass? What is dark matter? What happened to the Big Bang? What happened to anti-matter? 4 By colliding two beams of subatomic particles travelling in opposite directions called hadrons, the physicists recreate the conditions after the Big Bang and study the resultant particles for further information2. In order to be able to conduct the experiment, the physicists at CERN require four major appliances: accelerators, colliders, detectors and computers. The use of these four different appliances together leads up to the final outcome which is the collision of protons in the LHC4. The process begins with producing electrically charged particles5 in the source chamber of a linear accelerator known as LINAC26. In order to produce protons, the accelerator

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