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Justin, Joey, Chris, Lance and JC, the boys of NSYNC. At the age of 8, they were the first boyfriends I ever had. They were the first to make me think God spent a little more time on me. Told me I was tearing up their heart, and then it was bye bye bye....until their next album. We went through all the ups and downs of a relationship during the time it took for their cd to play through. I remember rushing home from school to hide in my room until dinner standing on my bed singing into a pencil occasionally stopping to kiss the poster of Justin right beside me wondering what life would be life to date a pop star. This group crush intensified at my first concert at the newly renovated Soldier Field. Although I was the length of the football field away from them, I knew that the pea-sized boys in the distance were singing directly to me...along with the thousand other girls in the stadium. Outside the concert, there was a box where you could put your posters, and I made sure my poster was in that bin, along with my phone number . Later to see after sticking around the concert, the bin was a garbage can and the janitors were hauling it away on a garbage truck. If that wasn't enough to make my whole world crumble, Justin told me BYE BYE BYE and started dating Britney Spears shortly after. It took me a while to get over it and realize the probability of rubbing elbows with the one and only was slim to none. Still, I kept the music of NSYNC regardless of all the other boy bands on the radio. Their second album, much different than the first, brought choreographed group dances to surface. No one can forget the signature BYE BYE BYE move, that you cant help dance along with when the song comes on. My group of "boyfriends" now turned into my dance teachers, who had me glued to the vhs recorded mtv music videos, although the crush for Justin still secretly exsisted. Once

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