Cerebral Palsy Essay

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Cerebral Palsy Imagine that you were a tree and grounded by your roots, unable to move like you desired. Now imagine this in reality, as a living, breathing human being. It may not seem possible, but evidence proves it. This evidence would be called cerebral palsy, or a group of developmental disorders that affects a person’s movements. When a child is living with this disorder, the everyday tasks in their lives can be very challenging. Cerebral Palsy or CP can have physical effects, and mental or emotional effects on a child, therefore one must learn how to manage the condition. The everyday tasks that are simple for most people, like tying shoelaces, carrying a notebook, pouring a glass of tea, or playing a sport can be huge physical challenges for children with CP (Cerebral Palsy. Bjorklund 10). From this, it can be depicted that children living with CP, are unable to perform daily tasks as a normal child would. Bjorklund also documents about two young girls dealing with CP named Caroline and Katie. She implies, “Nothing comes easy for them, “says their yoga teacher. “But they are creative in adapting. They are differently abled; not disabled.” (Cerebral Palsy, Bjorklund 9). This portrays that yoga may not be simple for them because of CP, but they adapt to it, and find an easier way to perform the task. They refuse to give up just because they are physically challenged. In another situation, Daniel Hinton, a father of a CP child was interviewed and asked, “What was the biggest physical challenge for your child?” He responded with, “She was physically weak all over, because she was unable to walk, or talk.” “She was bound to a wheel chair, because she had the worst case of cerebral palsy possible.” (Daniel Hinton). This confirms that although some CP children can work around and through their CP physical disabilities, others never have the opportunity to.

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