Cerebral Palsy Essay

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Cerebral Palsy Cerebral Palsy is a term used this days for specialist to describe the disorders of movements in one child, Cerebral Palsy is a brain injury that may occur before birth, during bith or in the fist years of life, this injury does not caused damage in the muscles or nerves of the child, it is only the brain's ability to control the muscles. One child with Cerebral Palsy may had another problems like mental retardation, seizures, language disorders, vision and hearing problems, because the Cerebral Palsy involved the develop of the child it is also known like Development Disability, as today more and more people has Cerebral Palsy than the others disabilities. Many children with Cerebral Palsy can recover, but the Cerebral Palsy it is more a lifelong disability and how the disability will affect the child's life depend on many factors like the support that the child receive as medical, educational and the most important thing the therapeutic care that they can get to have a better life. There to many types and classifications of Cerebral Palsy to describe the disorder covered by the term, and the classification it is based on the location of the brain damage like spastic, choreoathetoid, and mixed, and the treatment is fundamental in the progress of the child. The parents need to be aware about the symptoms in the first months of the child's life, it is very important because it will help to get the child diagnosis, doctors with the help of the parents can be a great job and found what kind of Cerebral Palsy the child has to be treated as soon as possible. Cerebral palsy was treated long time ago as a medical condition, in 1980s they star using the term Cerebral Palsy on childrens with neurological problems with spactic diplegia. In today's life is believed that the care during the

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