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Many people feel that joint families are the fabric of our society. I agree. But I further feel that the fabric has been spun into a web so tight that people can get strangled in it. The society itself is like a big joint family and we are all living in it. Some people feel they should do something for the society and others don't. the society is tolerant of both kinds. The Indian society is more like the joint family than the American one is. But there are enough families even in India that are alienating themselves from the society. I think we need more strenthening there rather than worrying just about one's parents and in-laws. Be independant, but tolerant of others. Take your own decisions and let others do the same. It is your life. Give yourself the right to live it the way you want to. Only you can do it for yourself. Don't look up to others to do it for you. Be polite but firm. Being a joint family, elders were always out there to take care of not just the kids, but also the so called adults and give valuable advice. Sharing of houseold work and so on. As dependent kids were taken care off by parents, dependent parents at their old age were taken care in unity. Obviously the downside was family politics. Being a nuclear family was fun, as its one's own family, but the problem was if both were working, taking care of kids were a huge task and also if not, wife would be bored as no one is out there to spend time with. happy to be in a joint family system, since we saw everything through rose colored glasses and were blissfully unaware of all the family politics going on. But as we grow up, the thorns between the roses start to prick us and we are jolted to reality. The joint family A joint family involves much more than people living under the same roof. Those of you who have experienced it will know its worth. With everyone putting in his

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