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Centre for the Arts Introduction The Centre for the Arts is an integral part of Brock University. It’s intended primarily as an educational and cultural resource for the school. The Centre has been successful through its live performances and educational programs. Halo, which is the first theatrical performance of the Centre for the Arts. in the 2003/2004 professional entertainment season. Monday, October 27, 2003, two days before the Centre was scheduled to present Halo. The managing director, Debbie Slade, and the marketing coordinator, Erin White would have a meeting to discuss the situation of the ticket sales. There are 538-seats at the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre, but only 225 seats were already sold. The most important problem is what to do to increase sales for this performance in the short term. The following section presents the SWOT framework of the company. . Strength Among this Centre, the strengths let them have enough space and potential to improve marketing value. One of the main advantages that the Centre had was its membership in the CCI Group, it could procure the services of a number of performing artists through a network of block booking with other members, thereby getting reduced artistic fees because "volume" booking. As part of influential Centre in Bock University, they got many good reputations and gradually its fame spread(名声远播). So on the other hand, it pushed their performances’ advertise and develop. Although, the university provide them enough resources to build a mature institutions. Everything in the university made them developing in a favorable environment. Weaknesses However, behind the dazzling advantages, the weaknesses usually attack them deeply. As a new performance, a new style, is to be excluded very often, it’s not strange that was not popular at the beginning of the spread. At the same time, the rest of two days

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