Centralized Vs Decentralized It Organizations. Essay

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Question 1: Any organization is mainly depends on the two major domains that is 1. Business domain 2. IT domain. Business domain deals with the strategic planning and management issues. Where an IT domain deals with the IT infrastructure and IT management. In that these IT domain mainly concentrates on the new emerging technologies and also it deals with cost estimation and many more. The implantation new technology or any existing technology in any organisation will follows some process. Jerry N Luftman defines it called “Technology Life Cycle” in his “Managing Information Technology Resource”. The Technology life cycle is explained in four steps for any organisation: Emerging Technology: The particular technology was selected by an organisation which is not yet implemented in the market place .This is not mostly preferable in many organizations. Pacing Technology: The technology is in the initial stages that were newly released into market and all the organizations will keep trying and see whether it results in the successful or not. As this was the new technology the organizations will not completely rely on this Technology. Key Technology: The technology is identified by the organization by technical team that results in giving successful benefits to the organisation. Therefore organization can withstand with successful benefits with the other commentating business organizations. Jerry N Luftman explains “Identifying the Key Technology is more important for an organization”. Base Technology: The technology is selected when it becomes the more popular. This kind of Technology will have the fewer drawbacks. After the Technology identification is done in the organization by using the Technology Life cycle, we need make the potential developments in the Technology to make use of the technology easy. There are many ways to implement the

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