Central Community College Mission Statement

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Central Community College: Vision and Mission Mission: Central Community College improves the lives of its students and community by offering the most comprehensive experiences in academics, arts, and occupational skills designed to elevate students to an employable state within their field of study or to a higher educational establishment. Vision: Central Community College will serve the people within its community by providing affordable opportunities to achieve academic goals or occupational skills needed to achieve career goals, while offering its citizen’s multicultural events depicting the community’s rich diversity. Central Community College Curriculum Initiative As Central Community College (CCC) embraces the American Graduation Initiative in an effort to boost the United States economy…show more content…
Discuss with these leaders what the potential employees are required to know to fulfill their employment gaps. 3. Research future employment trends to attempt to determine how the longevity of gap 4. Create a partnership with these business leaders offering them the opportunity to lend his or her professional knowledge by becoming subject matter experts during the curriculum develop phase. 5. Determine what hardware and/or software resources are required to accomplish success. 6. Ascertain the possibility that these companies, in need of well-educated personnel, will provide financial/material support for the resources specifically used by their company. 7. Determine the likelihood that these companies will provide on the job training to ensure knowledge specific to their needs. 8. Determine if what is proposed will fall under the specifications to receive allocated funds by the president’s initiative. Steering Committee: Members: Chancellor (Stakeholder) • The following members are selected by a collaboration of chancellor and perspective president from those demonstrating an interest from the following departments

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