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cWellness Center One sunny Tuesday afternoon, walked out of my English class with a paper and pencil. As I walked out of the building, there it was the beautiful October sky; therefore, I headed towards the Wellness Center, sat down on a chair. There I saw: An overweight individual bending over to get a dumbbell and his hairy butt crack was showing. A guy testing his ankle weights by running in place, before he ran on the treadmill. Three Latina woman doing squats with bright pink yoga pants on and a man dropped the one hundred thirty-five pound weight that he is lifting, because he was paying attention to them. A guy lying on the floor doing a crucial abdominal workout, and you can hear him count in spanish after each repetition. A girl near the huge glass window is on the phone chattering with her boyfriend, she keeps on repeating the phrase “I love you baby”. As she turned to face the window a pigeon smashed into the window and startled her. You can hear from the gym’s front desk, “hello welcome to the Wellness Center how can I help you?” said by the women working alone in the front desk. A beautiful red headed woman passes by wearing a neon green tank top, black yoga pants, and black Nikes. The goddess whipped her hair slowly and puckered her lips while she is about to drink water from the fountain. The song Titanium was playing and some white girl is dancing to it while she lifts the ten pound dumbbells. A couple was arguing by the bathroom the girl yelled “you were always a bad kisser” and all you hear is “oh! burn!” by the people in the gym. My friend Camilo staring at me with a confused face. A cart right across of me with dirty white towels that has a gaseous smell. A cute blonde girl using the shoulder press machine is smiling at me. Most of the treadmills were occupied by women. Some guy pulls another guy’s gym shorts down, while he was

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