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Censorship Research Paper

  • Submitted by: Arensburgers
  • on January 20, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Julian Arensburg

Many forms of censorship have been imposed throughout history such as moral, military, political, religious (http://www.worldbookonline.com/student/article?id=ar102660&st=censorship) and, corporate. (http://students.oneonta.edu/pichaw28/types.html) Censorship is the suppressing free speech if it is harmfull, inconvenient or just not wanted by the censor. According to jerf.org “censorship occurs when somebody interrupts or interferes with the medium such that a message is tampered with while traveling from the sender to the receiver.” (http://www.jerf.org/writings/communicationEthics/node5.html) The five types of censorship are a big part of everyday life and can be helpful or destructive.
Moral censorship happens when moral issues are involved. It is done when people in charge -censor content they find questionable. An example of this would be censoring obscenity's on TV.   One case of moral censorship .Moral censorship happens most in books , TV, Radio.

Military censorship is done by not releasing tactics and national information to other nations and enemies. Another way that the military is censored is by preventing disturbing images or videos of war to be released to the public. This is done because of “National security”.
Political Censorship occurs when the government keeps secrets from its people to prevent a rebellion. This could happen by keeping the status of the nation secret or keeping important information private. An example of political censorship was at a Connecticut library where a pro Palestinian speaker was banned from speaking at a library because of her view
Religious censorship happens when a religion sees ideas questionable. This may happen by a religion disapproving another religions ideas. An example of this might include making...

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