Censorship Essay-Christians And The Government

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Christians and the Government Disobedience is not something God teaches us to do, or is it? He is our authority and our father, and we should always listen to him. But if something, like our government, goes against the Word of God, is it okay to disobey? God says it is okay to disobey, but how can we do that and act Christ-like? There is evidence that I will provide that says you can disobey and still act in a godly manner. Government is necessary in our society, especially today with all the bad people in this world who do not know Christ. There are things in this world that are evidences of a devil. These things include rape, robbery, murder, assault, dishonesty, riots, racism, war, abortion and many other situations that go on in today’s society. If there were no government, there would be absolute chaos, and even more horrible things would go on because there would also be no consequences. Government keeps order and is a good thing to obey, but is there ever a time we should disobey? We should disobey the government when it goes against Gods law. God is the Almighty, and when someone goes against him, the Christians should not follow that example but should create their own.…show more content…
explains where he is coming from on the topic of racism and how he decides to handle it. He preaches that the people should do the same so that it will change and set up protests to get rights for the African American race. He explains in paragraph 15, “We so diligently urge people to obey the Supreme Court outlawing segregation” (King, par. 15). He goes on to ask how one can pick between which laws to break and which ones to obey. He answers the question by saying, “There are two types of laws: just and unjust” (King, par. 15). Now the question remains of what is the difference between the two laws? A just law is a code from man that goes along with the moral law of God. An unjust law is a law not rooted in natural
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