Censorship Essay

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Access to Social Media Government Society With the flourish of social media, the questions and problems concerned with liberal rights, openness and society stability are coming along. Especially now, when each country or nation has its own Internet policy, whether the social media should be controlled or to what extent it should be controlled have been hotly debatable. There are various voices speaking for or against the same Internet policy. People are holding their own opinions from different angles: society or the government. By seeing through the three typical types of societies from extremely repressive to fairly open—mainland China, Egypt and the United States, the relationship among social media, government and society is well clarified. Social media, government and society have been the inseparable components of a triangle in the modern world. In general, the access to social media is controlled by the government; while it strongly affects the reactions and behaviors from the society. But also, the decisions of the government will be affected due to the society. Their close relationship can be seen more clearly through the explanations of themselves. Access to social media indicates the liber rights of the society, which is also an indicator of information transmitted to the public before or after filtered. It can be extremely blocked out, partially controlled, or fairly open, etc. Government is the concentrated controlling forces to both social media and society. The government aims at balancing the two, which means if it makes changes towards one of them; the other one must be changed as well. Here, society is considered participants as ordinary people, apart from social media and government. Society can be passive audience and/or activists of social movements out of the reactions towards the government and the social media. The Internet policies

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