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CELTA Pre-Interview Task Name:…Tsagkaraki Diamantina…………………………….. Complete this task and enclose it with your application form. 1. Parts of speech. Match the words with the parts of speech. Fill in the grid below. 1. I slept well last night. a) noun 2. He sings well. b) adverb 3. I’m going to the library. c) verb 4. I’m going to the library. d) preposition 5. Would you like a drink? e) definite article 6. He put the book on the table. f) indefinite article 7. It’s an attractive car. g) adjective 1 =c | 2 =b | 3 =d | 4 =e | 5 =f | 6 =a | 7 =g | 2. The tense system A Complete the tense charts below. Use the verb ‘drive’ for the active and ‘give’ for the passive in the third person singular. Notice that not all continuous tenses are included. They are rare because they are so long. ACTIVE | Simple | Continuous | Present | He drives | He is driving | Past | He drove | He was driving | Future | He will drive | He will be driving | Present Perfect | He has driven | He has been driving | Past Perfect | He had driven | He had been driving | Future Perfect | He will have driven | He will have been driving | PASSIVE | Simple | Continuous | Present | It is given | It is being given | Past | It was given | It was being given | Future | It will be given | | Present Perfect | It has been given | | Past Perfect | It had been given | | Future Perfect | It will have been given | | B Is the time reference in the following sentences to the present, past, or future? 1. We leave for New York on Tuesday morning. future… 2. He’s been living here for 6 months. present… 3. She’s broken her leg. past… 4. He’s seeing the doctor later this afternoon …future… 5. If I won the lottery, I’d never work again. …future…

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