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Celta Assingment Essay

  • Submitted by: natarova
  • on December 2, 2013
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                      PART 1 – Justification of material choice

  Selecting a proper type of authentic material is essential on every language learning stage. The authentic material which I have chosen is flight status information (observe Appendix 1). The task is aimed at the students of elementary level. With the reference to the class profile information most of the students are motivated by travelling and career goals, which means that they definitely need the provided material as far as they can have business trips or any individual needs implementation. There are precisely formulated flight situations, structured and modeled with the purpose of passengers’ rigorous informing. The current statuses activate the target language of students and make the learners get aware of planes departure and arrival timing. It helps to learn the topic “Travel” with the real stimulation. The students are to be able to read and understand airport flight statuses in live. The point that the following material has been downloaded from the website shows its relevance and the practical usage of the target lexis among passengers.

                    PART 2: Receptive skill -reading/sub-skill - gist reading


      In order to practice gist reading there can be the following procedure to suggest.

      Beforehand for arousing the students’ interest in the topic the teacher tells the story about his/her usual travels and says that he/she doesn’t always understand which gate to fly from and which flight number is relevant for take-off or departure. He/she asks the learners, “What do you read to understand present flight information?” The students may elicit, “We read a table with flights”. The teacher helps to provide a proper name for this piece of authentic material, notably, a “flight status”.

      Concerning the task the teacher will ask the students to predict which country the flight...

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