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Assignment 2 – language related tasks Word Count 1000 Present Continues Alexander is starting his degree next month. Structure and form Subject + am/are/is + verb –ing + future adverbial reference Meaning The above example is a planned action that will start in future. With the help of the future adverbial reference – next month - we can actually shift the action of Alexander starting his degree right now to Alexander starting his degree in particular time in future. It’s not a quick action and it will take a while to accomplish. Context A group of friends plan an activity that will take place next weekend. To elicit this structure from students I would show a picture with an activity – make a time reference – and ask students to produce the correct form. I would give them first example myself. Monika is seeing her mum in the afternoon. He is playing tennis with Mark at 9 o’clock in the morning. I’m going to watch football this Saturday. Concept question He is playing tennis with Mark at 9 o’clock in the morning. Is this action happening right now? No Has it been pre-arranged? Yes Is he going to play tennis in future? Yes Anticipated problems Students may have a problem with spelling the verb when adding – ing. There are certain cases when the consonant before added –ing ending has to be repeated. There is a slight difference between to be going to – an intention – and the example above being a certain plan. Students can confuse them. The combination of consonants ‘th’ can be pronounced as /ð/ as in ‘this’ or as /θ/ as in ‘thing’ or as /t/ as in Thailand or Thames. Present Perfect Simple I have been to Poland but I have never been to Jamaica. Structure and form Subject + have/has + past participle Meaning This tense describes a state or an action in an unspecified past. It should have a direct influence on the

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