Cellular Industry Essay

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DECLARATIONS To include plagiarism and ethical issues and word count is a formal requirement. I declare the following: 1. That the material contained in this dissertation is the end result of my own work and that due acknowledgement has been given in the bibliography and references to ALL sources be they printed, -electronic or personal. 2. That unless this dissertation has been confirmed as confidential, I agree to an entire electronic copy or sections of the dissertation to being placed on the e-Learning Portal, if deemed appropriate, to allow future students the opportunity to see examples of past dissertations. I understand that if displayed on the e-Learning Portal it would be made available for no longer than five years and that student would be able to print off copies or download. The authorship would remain anonymous. 3. I agree to my dissertation being submitted to a plagiarism detection service, where it will be stored in a database and compared against work submitted from this or any other School or from other institutions using the service. 4. The word count of this dissertation is 9,800 (an approximate value). In the event of the service detecting a high degree of similarity between content within the service this will be reported back to my supervisor and second marker, who may decide to undertake further investigation that may ultimately lead to disciplinary actions, should instances of plagiarism be detected. I declare that ethical issues have been considered, evaluated and appropriately addressed in this research. SIGNED: INDEX | NO. |CONTENTS |PAGE NO. | |1 |INTRODUCTION | 5 | |2

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