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cell phones and visiting websites will lead to apocalypse or rampages , perhaps he is (at the very least ) suggesting that we are becoming just as mindless . When the pulse strikes , the Phoners ' were connected via network . Everyone affected has been linked together . The danger , King suggests , is that our shrinking world is not necessarily a good thing To King , cell phones and the Internet have ceased to be modes of transmitting information . Sharing information is less important than swapping videos and songs with friends now , or having conversations while walking through a park . People look like they are talking to themselves . King feels that technology has left us vulnerable . We might not be vulnerable to a zombie-creating pulse ' but we are certainly vulnerable to losing our sense of identity and humanity . We are giving ourselves , little by little , over to technology In Cell , the mindless Phoners ' are soon organized into Flocks which move around in patterns very much like migrating birds . This underscores King 's central fear : the marriage of technology and biology He seems to be calling for a world that exists offline . In his book The Soft Edge , media philosopher Paul Levinson agrees that the fundamental nature of technology closely recalls mankind . There are legitimate concerns to consider as we move toward an ever-increasing dependence upon the technologies available to us Levinson states that the wisdom of nature is not always good for us insofar as it accommodates hurricanes , drought , famine , earthquake , and all manner of destructive occurrences (150 . Nature 's tendency toward destruction and collapse , also known as entropy , is mirrored in technology and , very clearly , in Cell . Like nature itself , destruction is part of the nature of technology , King believes . Levinson questions whether technology can have things

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