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Cell Respiration This lab is about cell respiration. Seeds germinate by utilizing the stored energy in the seed through respiration. The cell mitochondria combine oxygen in the air with the carbohydrates that are stored in the seed to generate chemical energy and pass off carbon dioxide as waste. This is the chemical formula of that process: C6H12O6 + 6 O2 → 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + energy In this lab the effect of temperature on respiration is being studied, trying to discover the interdependence between increasing temperature and respiration rate of seeds cells. In the experiment we use three “respirometers” for each temperature. The first contains germinating seeds. The second contains dry seeds as a control. The third contains totally inorganic material of equal volume to the seeds as a base line. The values from the third tubes (inorganic) track changes having nothing to do with respiration such as changes in atmospheric pressure or in the water bath temperature. Because the three devices are in the same water bath and are operated at the same time, it is possible to reliably subtract the data from the third tube from that of the first two. The seeds types used in the experiments are: Garbanzo -5 seeds, Adzuki –9 seeds, Lentil -22 seeds. The numbers of seeds were chosen to make the volumes of the sprouting seeds as close to equal as possible. The second tube had beads added to make the total volume of dry seeds and beads equal to the volume of sprouting seeds. The third tube contained enough beads to equal the volume of sprouting seeds. The apparatus consists of respirometers and water baths. Each respirometer is a test tube with a one-hole stopper with a capillary tube inserted. The bottom of the test tube contains sodium hydroxide pellets to absorb any carbon dioxide emitted by the seeds. A loose cotton plug separates the seeds from the caustic

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