Cell Phones Taking the Wheel Essay

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J Milner Professor Binder English 1301 30 April 2012 Cell Phones Taking the Wheel Driving a vehicle safely can be described as one of the most difficult tasks a person will learn to do in life. In most driving schools, students are taught that every time anyone decides to get into a vehicle they are putting themselves at risk for an accident. Most people learn the basics quickly and utilize their skills while driving. As a driver becomes more confident with their performance they tend to lose focus on the main task at hand. The idea is for one to drive safely and to concentrate on the road and other drivers. Any other distractions to the driver could have an adverse effect in their performance. There are many different things that can cause a driver to become distracted. “Distracted driving refers to anything that takes your eyes or mental focus off of the road.” (Driving Distracted, 22). Among all, using a cell phone while driving can be described as one of the worst distractions. The desired need to be socially connected with others has become a threat to society. There are many dangers associated with operating a motor vehicle and the use of a cell phone while driving only increases the chances of having a life changing event. Most people use their cell phone while driving every day and do not realize that what they are doing is dangerous. This kind of behavior is distracting and can cause the driver to lose focus on the road and all other things surrounding them. “Studies show that chatting while driving increases your crash risk by 400 percent, and that driver distraction is a factor in 4.9 million motor vehicle accidents and some 34,000 fatalities in the U.S. every year.” (Burbank, 14). This kind of a statistic is deafening when heard. Not only is using a cell phone and driving distracting, it demands the driver to multitask in more ways

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