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Cell Phones Ruin Relationships Essay

  • Submitted by: molli5500
  • on March 8, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Cell Phones Ruin Relationships" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Molli Walgren
Thaddeus Stoklasa
Research Paper
18 November, 2010
Dnt Have Tyme 2 Tlk
Text messaging has become a customary part of society’s daily schedule. Technology has completely taken over communication. Other sources of communication such as pen and paper are almost unheard of in today’s civilization. Though texts are an easily accessible method to send material when time does not allow for oral discussion, they can be too detached. Texting is infamous for not being a decent technique of showing emotion. Emotion is a mental state that does not arise through free will, and that is often accompanied by physiological changes. Therefore, emotion is a physical sensation and cannot always be conveyed through text messaging. Text messaging is a main cause of relationship failure in the United States.
Any person who is keeping their connection thriving by texting is going to quickly find they made a gigantic error. Text messages can only express so much feeling. Many atrocious arguments are kindled due to a miscarriage in the conversion of a text. A real relationship is meant to be face-to-face, not through six word messages. The physical attraction and contact is what sparks the relationship. The relationship will gradually begin to fall apart once the text limit has been reached, because texting can only go so far.
Adolescents stand amongst the most naïve of what texting can do to relationships. Almost every teen couple relies on texting to keep in touch with their partner. It is okay to text every once in a while, but when it is the main source of communication there tends to be a problem in the relationship. Teenagers have grown up with technology and texting, and most do not know how to function without it. This is why teens have problems interacting with other people. They spend countless hours clacking away on a plastic keyboard. When this is your main means of communication there is no bonding being done. How can someone feel close to a significant...

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