Cell Phones on Campus

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Cell Phones on Campus Merging College Life and Modern Technology Gone are the days when college students were tied to the use of land lines in busy dorm hallways. Today, many college students prefer to use a cell phone to keep in touch with friends and family. A cell phone gives a student the freedom of making and receiving calls anywhere and anytime, on or off campus. The number of college students with cell phones has increased dramatically in recent years. On many campuses, land lines have practically become obsolete. The sudden spike in cell phones on campus has brought several new scenarios to college life. All of those long-distance calls formerly made on dormitory land lines contributed to the funds of that particular school, so when cell phones began taking over, many school officials realized they needed to update with the times. Many universities have actually forgone the former technology of land lines in dorms, and currently offer students personalized cell phone plans. Since colleges are able to sign deals with big-name cell phone companies, campus cell phone plans are often reasonably priced. Many times these plans require a small deposit for basic cell phone service, and then the student can decide if they would like to pay for a monthly long-distance plan in addition to the basic plan. Campuses have embraced cell phones for more than one reason. Cell phones give students a way of staying connected with loved ones, as well as connecting with new friends. Many schools are hoping this will help students adapt more easily to college life, and in turn will help lower drop-out rates. Cell phones also give faculty members a reliable and easy way to keep in touch with students. A student with a cell phone is much easier to reach than someone without one. One of the difficulties with cell phone plans is regulating the use of your minutes. Most cell

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