Cell Phones Are Bad Essay

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Cell phones are one of mans ground breaking creations that are used every day without any hesitation. This small communication device is one of many examples of our technological progression as human beings, but does this gadget have a negative effect on our brains and the way we learn? Cell phone use has a direct correlation to lowered grade point averages as well as a detrimental effect on brain functionality and long term behavioral problems to babies. It isn’t hard to guess that cell phone usage in the classroom would lower grades; it distracts you just as a doodling on the side of your paper or any other common classroom distraction would. Cell phone use has a direct effect on the lowering of students’ grade point average. Several studies have come up with the same conclusion that “GPA was negatively correlated with the number of text messages that were sent and received” (Harmon). Not only does a cell phone distract the person using it, but when audible it has a clear psychological effect on anybody in hearing range. In an experiment “students were exposed to a ringing cell phone during a lecture. “Performance on a surprise quiz revealed low accuracy rates on material presented while the phone was ringing” (Eaves 513). The government in China has already caught on and “…has proposed a ban, in principle, on primary and middle school students taking cell phones to school…” (Yomiuri). While most people understand the fact that cell phones are distracting, they don’t realize that

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