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Cell phones I have gone on a search to find the best cell phone for the best price. I need a new cellular phone because a few months ago my daughter spilt water on my phone and the speakers have not worked properly since that time. So I have gone on my phone service carrier’s website which is AT&T and researched which smart phone would be best for me. I have research 3 popular smart phones and I am determined to find out which of the phones I have chose is the best value for the price. First I chose 3 phones that caught my interest. These three phones I have chosen are the Android powered HTC Inspire, the Iphone 4, and Microsoft Windows phone Samsung Focus. I first focused on features of the phone. The Iphone 4has the smallest touch screen with the 3.5 inch screen. Next is the Samsung Focus with a touch screen of 4 inches. The HTC has the biggest screen with 4.3 inches. Next I looked at the camera specifications because I do lot of picture taking with my phone. Both the Samsung Focus and the Iphone 4 have cameras of 5 mega pixels. But the HTC phone shines in this area with a camera of 8 mega pixels. And finally I looked at the size of the internal memory of the phone because my also will double as an mp3 player. The Iphone has the lead here with a choice between 16 gigabytes of storage or 32 gigabytes of storage. The Samsung Focus has 8 gigabytes of storage and the HTC Inspire has only 4 gigabytes of memory. As you can see each phone has its specific benefits but in my opinion the HTC comes out with better specifications in 2 out of 3 areas. Next I looked at the applications market for each phone. The Iphone has the lead in this area because they have the most applications and its market has been active since the beginning of 2006 when the first Iphone was introduced. The next is the HTC powered Android market that has made a drastic come up since it was

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