Cell Phone Users Have Worked My Last Nerve Essay

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What is a pet peeve? The best way to define a pet peeve is when an individual is aggravated, annoyed or frustrated due to another individual’s actions or words that are considered to be offensive or rude. A pet peeve is usually a minor irritation and is witnessed quite frequently. For me personally, I have many pet peeves and there are days and moments when I wish I could say what I’m thinking; but then that would be rude and inconsiderate of me. Below I’ve listed a couple of pet peeves that I have in regards to cell phones; more specifically, cell phone users and their lack of consideration and respect for others. • Why do people, when in public, talk so loudly that every word of their conversation can be heard? Even worse is that the topic of their conversation is a personal and sensitive matter that really needs to be discussed in private. • Why do people, especially men, insist on forwarding to their wives, girlfriends, and any other female they know, porno text messages? These explicit messages can actually cause individuals to become nauseated when viewed. • What is the reason for having a loud and obnoxious ring tone, if only to invoke aggravation, frustration and a possible heart attack to everyone around them? • Why is it that when people are talking on their cell phones they can multitask by drinking coffee, driving and smoking a cigarette, yet when going through a checkout line, they can’t seem to figure out how to operate the credit/debit machine? To make matters worse, they refuse to get off their cell phone so that they can complete their purchase, and when the checkout clerk tries to assist them, they yell at the clerk, “Can you see that I’m on the phone?” • When grocery shopping and talking on a cell phone, why is it that people, especially women, suddenly stop in the middle of an aisle to continue their conversation? They are so oblivious to the

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