Cell Phone Use While Driving Essay

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The name Jacy Good is a familiar name in the legislation office. Since 2009 Good has tirelessly fought to ban hand-held cell phone use by drivers and to make text-messaging while driving illegal. In May of 2008 Jacy had just graduated college and her parents had come to pick her up to take her home. They had packed all her belongings into their little station wagon and were heading back to their small town in Pennsylvania. Her family had no idea what would be in store for them. As they were on Route 222 a tractor trailer swerved and hit them head on. Jacy’s parents died instantly on the scene. She had a broken pelvis, broken ribs and some brain damage. Jacy was immediately transported to the hospital and had to undergo extensive surgery. The surgeons did not expect her to live. However, little did they know that she was fighter and she did survive. Over the next couple of months and even years she has had to go through extensive physical therapy to learn to feed herself and walk again. After the accident Jacy learned that the tractor trailer had swerved out of the way to avoid hitting a minivan that had run a red light. The driver of the minivan was on his cell phone and was not paying attention to the stoplight. The driver ran the red light causing the tractor trailer to swerve and hit Jacy’s station wagon head on. Jacy Good has since then fought the state legislation to ban the use of cell phones while driving. She has lived through the horrors of what happens when a driver becomes distracted by a mobile phone and she has and will continue to fight until hand-held devices in all states become illegal (Sciortino par 4). Recently there has been a growing number of states that ban hand-held use of cell phones and has encouraged hands-free devices such as bluetooth. According to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety the most recent study as of February
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