Cell Phone Use Essay

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Sabrena Miller 01/02/2013 Self-evaluation 1) What is your topic? My topic is the dangers of cell phones and driving. 2) What are the possibly different main claims/positions related to this topic? (There will be at least two (2) possibly different claims/positions, but there could be more; however, one of them will be YOUR claim/position.) My main claim is that using cell phones while driving is dangerous. The other main claim could be that they are safe as long as people use hands free devices. 3) What is your position regarding the topic? My position is that anything that takes our full attention away from driving is bad even if we are using hands free devices. 4) What “evidence” have you offered to support your claim/position? Have you included your survey results? The evidence that I offered were statistics figures that showed the number of accidents related to distracted driving. I also offered pictures of victims and yes I also included my survey results. 5) Put your claim/position and “evidence” through the “Scientific Method” and “Proving a theory” steps. Are there any steps on which your claim/position and evidence do not measure up to the examination? If so, what can you do to make them more acceptable? No I believe that my claim and my position measure up to the examination. 6) Who is your intended audience? (This does not have to be specifically your instructor.) My intended audience is anyone that has even been affected by distracted driving both directly and indirectly. My audience will also be those that believe that they are not a part of the problem. 7) What is your purpose? What do you want the audience to do, to feel, or to think? Remember that a persuasive paper is always asking for some sort of response from the audience. My purpose is to build awareness I want my audience to feel empathy towards those that have been affected. I

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