Cell Phone Usage Essay

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Cell Usage While Driving: More Than a Nuisance If you were to ask the majority of Americans, there are few things more annoying than getting behind someone using their cell phone while driving. However, even to these annoyed drivers, it’s a little known fact just how dangerous it is to use your cell phone while driving. Using your phone while on the road puts many lives at risk and has greatly increased the risk of an accident occurring. In addition, cell phone usage while driving is also a leading cause of insurance rate increases over the past decade. Luckily though, there has been some movement in the legislative world to help curb these increasing costs and risks. However, the action taken thus far is not enough. Due to the danger to others from people who talk on their cell phone while driving, there should be a national ban on cell phone usage while driving! When face with the question of a ban, most people say “How dangerous can it really be to talk on a cell phone while driving?” But did you know that there were over 5.8 million vehicle accidents in 2008 with as much as 80% of these accidents being the result of distractions while driving. It’s also been shown that one of the largest distractions recorded is the use of cell phones while driving (Box & Martin, 2006). In fact, one study relates this usage to driving under the influence by stating that “people are as impaired when they drive and talk on a cell phone as they are when they drive intoxicated at the legal blood-alcohol limit of 0.08%” (Drews & Strayer, 2006). When faced with this evidence, most people think that the danger is there because you’re focused on holding or dialing the phone. However, the same study also concluded that “hands-free cell phones are just as distracting as handheld cell phones because the conversation itself – not just manipulation of a handheld phone” (Drews &

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