Cell Phone Radiation Essay

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[Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Cell Phone Radiation A349 Introduction: The form of energy travelling in the form of waves and particles in the space is known as radiation. Radiations existing in the universe do regulate the atmospheric conditions and some experts suggest that a little radiation is a good thing and it is also a known fact that how these radiations help in the field of medicine, in diagnosing and treating several major illnesses like cancer. There are several forms and types of radiations that exist in our atmosphere but this paper will emphasize on radiations emitted from the cellular phones, their hazards, consequences and effects on different organs of the human body. Cell Phone Radiations: Radiofrequency waves are the waves used and manipulated by the mobile phones in order to make up and receive calls. These radiofrequency waves are mainly responsible for the emission of a hazardous radiation known as electromagnetic radiation. Mobile phone radiations have been classified into Group 2B (that is carcinogenic) according to World Health Organization. After this, long term research studies were done which stated about the spacious possibilities of carcinogenesis because of the cell phone radiations. Scientists have pointed out various hazards that could be the result of continuous exposure to these radiations. Due to the carcinogenic properties of these radiations there are many harmful effects of these radiations on the human body. It is not only the human body that is affected by the radiations but the environment around the living organisms is also badly affected by these radiations. Living organisms like plants and other creatures that in one way or another are worthy for the environment. These all are also badly affected by these radiations.

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