Cell Phone Etiquette Slam Essay

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There are only a handful of things that bother when I am in the midst of a shopping excursion. Call me out for being a stereotypical girl, but I speak the truth when I say shopping for me always releases endorphins. It is something that, without fail, always puts me in a good mood. However there are some things in the middle of this natural high that can really bring me down. One in particular that can really put a damper on my time is when I am in line, about to topple over with my arms full of last seasons clearance clothes, and I have some lady screaming in front of me into her cell phone telling her daughter to stop playing with the scissors and to untie the babysitter from the chair. I believe passionately there should some rule similar to the “guy code” that states that no person should be talking, in public, within five feet from another human being. That is unless they are acquaintances, this is acceptable. The thing with cellular devices is that they have become a tool for emergencies. We all have been that one person waiting in public to meet up with a friend and after waiting for what seems like a entire minute you realize you look awkward in the situation presented to you. So you begin to type out a text that is really not being sent to anyone, you update your twitter with song lyric that makes you sound like a knowledgeable musician and then, as a last resort, you scroll through your facebook news feed until your two and half weeks in the past. The thing is, there is nothing wrong with this, it is when your friend finally shows up that things get ugly. When one makes plans with another it is logical thinking that the other person is there to socialize with his or her friend that he invited out. So where is in that is the logic of talking to wallpaper. Yes, this what it feels like when your with that friend who just can not bare, to text there

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