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THE BENEFICIAL CELL PHONE The Beneficial Cell Phone Stephanie Austin University of Phoenix The Beneficial Cell Phone Cell phone usage in the U.S. has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. That rapidly evolving culture is evident in instances where people think nothing of engaging in a cell phone conversation in a bathroom or a restaurant; couples flirt via text messaging… In a 2005 international survey of more than 3,000 people by BBDO Worldwide, an advertising agency, 75% of Americans said they had the phone turned on and within reach during their waking hours. According to the BBDO survey, 15% of Americans have interrupted sex to answer a cell phone call. It also found that 59% of us wouldn't think of lending our cell phone to a friend for a day. Another 26% said that a cell phone was more important to go home to retrieve than a wallet. (Kim 2006). Although cell phone usage while driving has been given a stigma, it also offers safety and personal benefits. The Cellular Telephone and Internet Association reported that drivers using cell phones placed 139,000 emergency calls each day…(Lance, no year given). Of those 139,000 calls, if even one of them saved a life, it adds major value to the cell phone and its importance. The following are categories of benefits to the user of a cellular phone that are salient to cellular phone owners and users: Preventing Unnecessary Trips. Use of a cellular phone while driving can reduce unnecessary trips...and diminish overall time on the road by allowing more effective communication with household members...whose schedules and… plans need to be coordinated… Curtailing unnecessary trips and travel time is not just a time-saving matter; it also curtails exposure to traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities, cuts fuel expenses, reduces pollution, and reduces wear and tear on a

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