Cell Division Essay

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Cell division Nucleus, chromosomes and DNA All eukaryotic cells ( the 4 kingdoms ) contain a nucleus which keep the organism alive it contains genetic information which keep the organisms alive the info ration is contained in structures called chromosomes which are made from DNA. Cell- Nucleus-Chromosomes-DNA DNA makes up chromosomes which are located in the nucleus of the cell. Mitosis Is the name of a process involved in cell division in eukaryotic cells 4 kingdoms. Multicellular organisms also use mitosis to produce cells for growth, development, repair and replacement. The cell produced by mitosis are genetically the same to each other to the original cell they are described as clones. Cytokinesis Mitosis is a process that involves division of the nucleus. Once a cell has undergone this process The cell membrane picnics inwards so that a new membrane is formed, dividing the cell into two. This process is called I'd division of the cytoplasm is called cytokinesis. Cell division in Prokaryotes 1 bacteria Prokaryotes reproduce themselves by dividing into two using a process called binary fission. The cells are clones. Cell division and disease Diseases can be divided according to whether they are infectious or non infectious. Infectious Diseases can be transferred from one organism to another. (Cells are damaged because of bacterial infection). Non infectious diseases are not transferred between organisms. Antibiotics. Can be used to kill bacteria in your body. Disinfectants can be used to kill bacteria on surfaces of non living objects they may not be used on skin as they can damage cells. Antiseptics can be used on your skin. They kill bacteria they are referred as bactericidal, are those that stop bacteria from growing or dividing but do not kill them which are called bacteria

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