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Cell Cycle Poem Essay

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The Cell Cycle

This vital cycle works in two parts.
A person might say,
interphase is the way,
that this cycle of nature starts.
Interphase is about growth and metabolism,
Preparing the cell for its time of division,
When that division, called mitosis begins, that’s part two,
The nucleus splits, and the chromosomes do their thing too.
When the process is over, the cell is over.
And the two daughter cells know it’s time to take over.
And this summary is over.

In a bit more detail, I’ll again explain,
the steps that these processes contain.
Interphase, or G1, is a busy time, a longer time,
The cell grows and protein production is high.
Chromosomes are copied, DNA synthesized,
Organelles manufactured, centrioles replicated,
Now the cell’s ready to divide.

Mitosis is S, and in it things are quick,
Four phases together do the trick.
Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase
In prophase, chromatids coil and chromosomes form,
Centromeres holding duplicated chromosomes are the norm.
Each coiled chromosome has two sister chromatids,
Nucleus begins to disappear, centrioles moves out, and spindles created.
Metaphase is the shortest stage.
Chromosomes attach to spindle fiber and are pulled to the middle of the spindle.
Anaphase is the stage when you start to see separation,
Each sister takes its genes and alleles as it’s pulled to a separate station,
Each at an opposite pole, forming homologous chromosomes.
Telophase is the last phase of mitosis, goodbye haploids.. hello diploids.
Distinct daughter cells are formed.

Finally, Cytokinesis, or G2, occurs.
It makes the cut, and two cells emerge.

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