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Cell City Project For my cell city project I did the organelles of a Plant Cell. The name of my city is “Cellular City”. I chose this name because I thought it was creative and had much to do with the project, because its based on a cell. I included almost all of the parts of the cell. For the cell membrane I chose to replace it with the police because the police protects and controls movement in and out of a city just like the cell membrane does in a cell. For the nucleus I chose to do a city hall. I chose the city hall because I feel that the nucleus is like the heart and brain of the cell which controls activities and so does a city hall for an actual city. Next, is the endoplasmic reticulum and to represent it I chose a train station. What the endoplasmic reticulum does is carry materials throughout the cell and so does a train in real life. Ribosomes produce proteins, so for this I decided to do a super market, because a super market supplies us with food, which are our proteins. The postal service is the Golgi apparatus. This is because the Golgi apparatus sends and receives stuff, like a postal office/service. For the vacuole I did a large lake, I did this because a vacuole stores stuff and a lake stores water. Mitochondrion breaks down sugars and makes energy so what I did was an electric power plant. For the lysosomes I decided to do a dumpster because it breaks down food, and a dumpster is where food and waste is decomposed. The grounds within the city walls represent the cytoplasm in a cell, which supports the cell and binds it together, just as the ground and landscape support the buildings and everything in a city. The last two parts of the cell I represented in my city was the chloroplast, which I represent through a solar energy plant in my city because chloroplast uses energy from the sun just like a solar energy plant does for a cell. I also

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