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Cancer: Cells behaving badly It’s quite likely your body is harboring precancerous cells. Don’t panic: this doesn’t mean you have cancer. Many of us have cells here and there with defense mechanisms that don’t work as they should, creating the potential for these cells to grow into cancerous tumors. In the vast majority of cases, though, they haven’t. An internal scaffold of the protein actin (in green) gives shape and structure to bladder cancer cells. Actin is important in the structure and function of many cell types. Cells courtesy of Marinpharm Why not? Given the surprising frequency of precancerous cells in the body, some GmBH. cancer researchers have shifted their questioning from “What causes cancer?” to “What keeps these precancerous cells under control?” They hope that by understanding potentially cancerous cells at their earliest stages, they can stop cancer before it starts. The basics: What is cancer? Cancer isn’t just a single condition; it’s actually a complex collection of diseases that can arise in almost any tissue in the body. What characterizes full-blown cancer cells is that they’ve become decidedly anti-social, carrying on their activities without regard to the other cells and tissues around them. Most normal cells are monitored by a myriad of mechanisms that keep them working in cooperation with other cells. When damage prevents them from doing so, they fix themselves or die. Every cancer starts as a disruption of this normal activity. For example, most cells know it’s time to divide when they get signals from nearby cells or other parts of the body. Cancer cells, however, will divide whenever they please, regardless of how much they crowd www.exploratorium.edu/imaging_station Cancer: Cells Behaving Badly page 1 of 5 their neighbors. They’ll also move to places they don’t belong, attract blood vessels to themselves, and stop obeying

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