Cell Analogies Essay

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The nucleus/ nuclear membrane are a large, membrane-bound organelle within a living cell that contains DNA which is the cell’s hereditary material. It controls the organism’s reproduction, growth, and metabolism. The nucleus is like a principal because it controls the cell’s functions much like a principal controls a school’s functions and activities. Vacuoles are membrane-bounded compartments that store a multitude of things for a cell. It can store good things such as water, minerals, and food, or it can store bad things such as broken down cell parts and waste. A vacuole is like a lunch box because it holds food, water, and waste much like a lunch box hold food, water, and waste (food wrappers and trash). Lunch boxes can also come in different sizes much like vacuoles are different sizes in plant and animal cells. Centrioles are small organelles that help to organize the assembly of microtubules during cell division. . They are put to work in both the process of mitosis and the process of meiosis. Centrioles are like security guards at a concert because it helps control and organize the crowd when they are dividing them much like a centriole helps organize microtubules during cell division. The cell/plasma membrane is a thin, flexible, and semipermeable made of a phospholipid bilayer. The main job of the cell/ plasma membrane is to allow certain substances into the cell, while keeping other substances out and this establishes homeostasis. The cell/ plasma membrane is like a gate because it regulates what enters/exits home much like the cell/plasma membrane regulates what comes in/out of a cell. The cytoplasm is the region between that nucleus and cell membrane that contains a semifluid substance called cytosol, and the cell’s organelles are suspended in the cytosol. In addition, the cytoplasm offers support to the cell and speeds up inter-cellular travel.

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